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 Southwind Sheetable 4 Line or 5 Line pulley bar comes complete  with.... - All carbon construction - Bar color code design makes recognizing bar orientation easier - Simple clean design - Safety release on chicken loop for instant release when hooked in - Pull pull de-power strap - Bar floats - Chick loop line never wears out - The line runs threw 5 pulleys so there is no chafing - Flagging line handles on both bar ends - Handle pass least attachment below the bar for de-power safety - Automatic de-power - As much de-power as industry standards - 2 leash connecting point - Front line leash attachment above the bar giving riders complete  de-power of kite and below the bar to the front lines to the kite - If the rider releases the bar kite will de-power - Simple recover the bar and let the lines back toward the kite   to tenison all four line - Using a pulley bar gives the kite faster pivotal turning creating  more power
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Southwind Pulley Bar
2016 Pulley Bar coming soon.
Southwind Pulley Bar